Horror Movie Directors

The Indisputable, Genre Defining True Masters of Horror

From Alexandre Aja to Rob Zombie, this is our definitive A to Z of horror movie directors. These are the auteurs that have left their bloody fingerprints all over horror, whether that be James Whale pioneering the genre with Frankenstein in the 30’s or James Wan creating a succession of terrifying blockbusters in the 21st century.

At HorrorRated we deeply understand how these maestros of the macabre have influenced horror movies over the years and have catalogued individual filmographies for each of them.

So, if you are looking to learn from the giallo guile of Dario Argento or barf at Tom Six’s fetid imagination, we’ve listed all of the notable horror movie directors for your convenience right here

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John Carpenter

John Carpenter

There is no denying that John Carpenter is a true Master of Horror. With classics like Halloween (1978) and The Thing (1982) - to mention just a few - to his name, Carpenter has left an indelible mark on the horror genre. He first proved his worth on Dark Star (1974). Working with a shoestring budget, Carpenter took on directing, producing and writing duties as well as composing the score - something he would continue to do for many of his movies. [read more...]

Wes Craven

Wes Craven

The late, great Wes Craven is unique amongst our Masters of Horror in that he not only reinvented the horror genre once, but twice. First with A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) and again over a decade later with Scream (1996) and its sequels. However, Craven's career as a horror film auteur began much earlier than this. [read more...]

George A. Romero

George A. Romero

In 1968, with a paltry budget, George A. Romero changed the horror genre forever. He gave us zombies. Night of the Living Dead (1968) was unlike anything that had come before and cemented Romero’s name in the annals of horror forevermore. Initially the film received a lukewarm reaction and commercially was far from successful. However, negative press calling for an all out ban on the movie due it its graphic content ironically boosted the film's popularity which has led it to become one of the most important and groundbreaking horror films in cinematic history. [read more...]

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi

Despite his wide-ranging directorial efforts taking on the western, superhero and crime genres, Sam Raimi has been, and probably always will be, best known for his contribution to the horror genre. Out of all our Masters of Horror, Raimi is the director with the smallest number of horror flicks to their name. But this makes him no less significant nor important than his peers, in fact, perhaps quite the opposite. [read more...]

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg made his name in the horror genre early on in his career with low budget titles such as Shivers (1975), Rabid (1977) and The Brood (1979). His early offerings were critically and commercially well received and paved the way for what would become one of the defining sub-genres of the '80s: Body Horror. A recurring theme in all of Cronenberg’s horror movies: the transformation, degeneration, mutilation and disfigurement of the human body in some form or another. Nice, right? Well, if you’re weak-stomached you might want to try and just suck it up otherwise you’ll be missing out on some of the smartest, most influential and undeniably twisted films in the annals of horror history. [read more...]

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J. Lee Thompson
J.A. Bayona
Jack Arnold
Jack Bender
Jack Cardiff
Jack Clayton
Jack Heller
Jack Hill
Jack Sholder
Jacques Tourneur
Jalmari Helander
James Branscome
James Cameron
James Cullen Bressack
James DeMonaco
James Gunn
James Hill
James Isaac
James M. Muro
James Signorelli
James Wan
James Watkins
James Whale
James Wong
Jamie Blanks
Jan de Bont
Jan Svankmajer
Jared Cohn
Jason Cuadrado
Jason Eisener
Jason Flemyng
Jason Lei Howden
Jason Stutter
Jason Zada
Jaume Balagueró
Jaume Collet-Serra
Javier Chillon
Jean-Baptiste Andrea
Jean Epstein
Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Jean Rollin
Jee-woon Kim
Jeff Burr
Jeff Gillen
Jeff Lieberman
Jeffrey Bloom
Jemaine Clement
Jen Soska
Jennifer Chambers Lynch
Jennifer Kent
Jeremy Gillespie
Jeremy Saulnier
Jerzy Kawalerowicz
Jesús Franco
Jim Clark
Jim Gillespie
Jim Jarmusch
Jim O'Connolly
Jim Van Bebber
Jimmy Huston
Jimmy T. Murakami
Jirí Barta
Jôji Iida
Joe D'Amato
Joe Dante
Joe Johnston
Joe Lynch
Joe May
Joe Swanberg
Joel Anderson
Joel D. Wynkoop
Joel M. Reed
Joel Schumacher
Johannes Roberts
John Brahm
John Bruno
John Cairns
John Carl Buechler
John Carpenter
John D. Hancock
John Erick Dowdle
John Fawcett
John Flynn
John Gilling
John Gulager
John Hough
John Irvin
John Johnson
John Lafia
John Landis
John Llewellyn Moxey
John McNaughton
John McTiernan
John Murlowski
John Parker
John R. Leonetti
John S. Robertson
John Schlesinger
John Stockwell
John Suits
John William Holt
Joji Matsuoka
Joël Séria
Jon Cassar
Jon Cohen
Jon Garcia
Jon Hess
Jon Knautz
Jon Sorensen
Jon Steven Ward
Jon Watts
Jon Wright
Jonathan Demme
Jonathan English
Jonathan Glazer
Jonathan King
Jonathan Levine
Joon Ho Bong
Jordan Peele
Jordan Rubin
Jorge Grau
Jorge Mich
José Mojica Marins
José Ramón Larraz
Joseph Losey
Joseph Ruben
Joseph Zito
Josh C. Waller
Joshua Coates
Jovanka Vuckovic
J.R. Bookwalter
Jörg Buttgereit
J.S. Wilson
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Juan Mas
Juan Piquer Simón
Julia Ducournau
Julien Maury
Jun'ichi Yamamoto
Junpei Mizusaki
Juraj Herz
Justin Barber
Justin Benson
Justin Martinez
Justin McConnell
Justin Price
József Gallai

















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