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Welcome to HorrorRated. We are here to help fellow horror fans find their horror flick fix in just a few quick clicks. Are you tired of endlessly scanning through Netflix on a seemingly never-ending quest to fulfil your hankering for horror? Our site will provide you with a one-stop aid to enable you to find your desired level of chills, gore, frights, and thrills in a movie to maximise your viewing time.

Our unique and extensive categorization of horror films split the genre into easily devoured morsels of terror. We offer 5 main paths -Scares, Nudity, Gore, Trauma & Fear- leading you into the stuff of your nightmares, whether you are seeking the quick fix of a gore-ridden bloodfest or an atmospheric chiller that will haunt you forevermore.
Want to dissect your horror with more surgical precision? We offer ways to hunt your prey by themes, franchises, directors, and content. With the catacombs of a hundred years’ worth of horror movies diligently mapped out on HorrorRated, we offer multiple ways for you to find your next victim.
This is a site created by horror fans for horror fans so feel free to rate and review your favourites or pour scorn on the films that have wronged you to help us create the most comprehensive horror site on the web.
We will also be constantly endeavouring to provide you with the lowdown on the latest news, trailers, and releases for all things terrifying in cinema. So, stop going outside alone to investigate that strange noise you heard and make yourself at home here at HorrorRated where we have such sights to show you…

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