VampireFest (without Vampires)

By Anthony J. Gramuglia |


There are too many vampire movies. Sure, vampires are a staple of horror. But after a few hundred vampire movies, the genre gets a little stale. So a few creative minds reinterpreted the myth – scrapping everything stale about the undead (save for the blood sucking part). Thirsty for new blood in the vampire genre? Then take a visit to VampireFest (without Vampires).

Lifeforce (1985)

Let’s start off with the exhilarating Lifeforce (1985). A naked alien lady come down to earth, thirsty for humanity’s life energy. The late-Tobe Hooper left us with a body of classic horror films. While many vampire fans recommend Hooper’s Salem’s Lot (1979), his best vampire film may be Lifeforce, a fusion of extraterrestrial and vampiric lore. It’s fun, shameless, and exciting.

Cronos (1993)

We broke the ice with fun alien vampires, so let’s get supernatural and dramatic. Guillermo del Toro’s debut film, Cronos (1993) tells the story of an old Spanish man who uncovers a mysterious golden beetle. All seems fine, until the beetle takes a sip of the old man’s blood. Only then does he start to change. All of Del Toro’s typical tropes are present: sympathetic monsters, evil adults, and open-minded kids. Fair warning: bring tissues.

Marebito (2004)

Finished crying? You’ve been excited and crying, so now for a different emotion: fear. Turn on Marebito (2004). Of all the films on this playlist, this is the strangest. It’s a Japanese film about a guy obsessed with death who finds this naked girl in some abandoned building off somewhere. When he takes her home with him, he finds that she hungers only for one thing. Of all the films, this is the most nightmarish. It flows like a strange lucid dream, and you never really get what’s happening.

VampireFest should leave you with a renewed fear of bloodsuckers – or, at least, a fear of gold beetles and naked women. Make sure to check out our other Halloween playlists, and remember to share and like. Happy Halloween from all of us here at!

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