The Thin Blood Line

By Yohan |


Dying for a ride along into the depths of terror? Then buckle up! We have a trilogy featuring the perils of being a sheepdog among the living and the dead. Our Thin Blood Line playlist will heighten your fears and shackle your soul as these heroes in uniform endure the most horrific enemies ever encountered.

Southern Comfort (1981)

The night begins with the torment of Southern Comfort (1981). Bask in the gloomy waters of this thriller-cum-slasher as National Guard soldiers in the Louisiana Bayou receive a deadly dose of southern hospitality. When a prank turns deadly, will you side with the ragtag squad of grunts or the close-knit Cajuns as they pick each other off in this haunting tale of revenge?

[Rec] 2 (2009)

Amp up with Paco Plaza’s gory thrill ride that is Rec 2 (2009). Immerse yourself in an elite unit of cops as they go room to room in a quarantined apartment building where chaos reigns. Behind every door lurks a neighbor from Hell. Cheer on our heroes as they attempt to prevent the forces of evil from spreading into Barcelona and beyond.

Last Shift (2014)

Settle down in a blazing blanket of paranoia with Last Shift (2014). Follow a rookie cop as she holds fort at a station’s last night of life. Boredom has never been so terrifying, as strange happenings escalate until you’re left wondering whether she’s gone insane, is being hazed, or is suffering the otherworldly taunts of a horrific cult. You think you’ve had a bad day on the job? Guess again.

That brings us to the end of the ride. By now you’ve squeezed the life out of your seat as you cheered and screamed. There’s no going back, only forwards to our other Halloween playlists. If you’ve liked this one, you’re sure to enjoy those, too. Don’t forget to share and like.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at!

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