Screams of a Season

By Kai Shia |


As Halloween draws near, we bring you a playlist of movies to carry you through the season. From the Build-Up, through the Big Night, then into the Aftermath. Lay out the candy, and turn on the porch lights. We’re taking you through Halloween, and beyond.

The Evil Dead (1981)

Sam Raimi brings both horror and comedy in the second installment of the cult-classic slasher trilogy, The Evil Dead. This is the most important film in the trilogy, the trial by fire through which Ashley J. Williams graduates from screaming victim to The Chosen One. A boom-stick wielding, chainsaw handed badass. The epitome of groovy-ness, who shops smart. S-mart. Campy, gory and completely insane, this film guarantees screams of delight, and is a killer(ha.) for any Halloween party.

Trick r’ Treat (2007)

Now, we step away from the gore, and into the rustling, windy heart of Halloween. Urban legends, serial killers, and Halloween spirit saturate this series of intertwined tales in Trick r’ Treat. All set on Halloween night, the film showcases shorts from a myriad of genres, with tension and gore bleeding(heehee) into pitch-black humour. We follow each individual cast of characters around twists, turns, and the town’s autumn roads, until they finally cross paths in a fun, deranged, and altogether satisfying ending. Steeped in Halloween tradition and lore, this film is soaked in the essence of Halloween. Remember to light those Jack O’ Lanterns!

Let the Right One In (2008)

Finally, we wrap up with a vampire movie, set in the drifting snows of Sweden. Dark, beautiful, and real, Let the Right One In is a perfect movie to sit down with as the snows creep in. With absent parents, violent bullying, brutal murders, and disfiguration by acid, this is a somber, gloomy film. But against this gray, wintry landscape, the tender relationship between the bullied Oskar, and vampire Eli stands out all the more. Oskar and Eli form a burgeoning friendship that develops, through sacrifice, loyalty, and bloody murder, into love. Despite it’s dark exterior, this film is, at heart a love story, of an unlikely bond. Heartfelt, and intense, this is the perfect transition from the falling leaves of Halloween, to the falling snows of Christmas. (And maybe Thanksgiving…you too.)

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