Netflix and Kill

By Andrew Bailey |


Three movies available for streaming on Netflix to get you through your Halloween. Perfect for snuggling up with that special someone or entertaining a large group, these titles are sure to please.

The Girl in the Photographs (2015)

Starting off we got The Girl in the Photograph (2015), a slasher flick with interweaving stories that is smart and self-aware, yet surprising. A sure fire party starter in the vain of Scream (1996). Starring Kal Penn as a photograph who travels to his hometown to investigate and “do battle” with a serial killer there. This also doubles as a wonderful statement of women in the slasher genre.

Last Shift (2014)

Next up, we got Last Shift, a ghost story of next level proportions set in a police station on its last night of operation. The story follows a rookie cop, Juliana Harkavy, on her first night on the job. But will it be her last as she faces off against the spirits of a Manson family type cult that died in the holding cell years prior? A good amount of jump scares and twists that make you question the character’s sanity throughout.

The Invitation (2015)

Finally we have The Invitation. This film stars Logan Marshall-Green as Will, a divorcee who attends a dinner party thrown by his ex-wife and her new husband. The tension only builds as Will slowly comes to suspect that his ex’s new family might not be as they seem. This is a gripping film that slowly builds Will’s character right along with the tension in a way that will have you second guessing yourself. A real must have finale to just put on and allow to speak for itself. Seriously, have those you’re watching with fight the temptation to read up on this one on the interwebs while you’re watching; they’ll be thankful in the end.

That wraps this playlist up. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching. Be sure to check out our other playlists. Also don’t be afraid to like or share. Happy Halloween from all of us here at!

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