Hysterical Halloween

By Kyle |


Has Halloween got you in the mood for terror? Insanity? HorrorRated’s Hysterical Halloween playlist will bend your mind until sanity is but a fleeting memory. Let lunacy fall over you as you laugh, cry, and question your sanity with the characters of these manic masterpieces.

Jacob’s Ladder (1990)

First we initiate insanity with the nightmare that is Jacob’s Ladder (1990). With a terrifying score and some of the most haunting imagery to ever grace the silver screen, it drags you into the rabbit hole. Everything you know shifts, people are not as they seem; creatures and tormentors lurk behind their skin as the mind deteriorates.

Event Horizon (1997)

Now that paranoia has set in we set off into the unknown for the deep space terror that is Event Horizon (1997). Right away the brain breaks and the blood flies as this fast paced, dread filled journey into the blackness of space kicks off. With expert set design and an intense sense of isolation, the film puts you in its haunted, gothic spaceship and leaves you to go mad with it’s ever worsening crew.

The Shining (1980)

To end it all off we have Stanley Kubrick’s stir crazy classic The Shining (1980). Look on as Jack Nicholson portrays a perfect descent into madness in the beautifully shot and gloriously insane tale; horrifyingly accented by creepy twins, an evil bartender and the mysterious room 237. Packed to the brim with slow burn terror, this film will leave you panicked and unsettled all the way through All Hallow’s Eve.

You’ve reached the end of our Hysterical Halloween playlist; hopefully with your sanity intact. If not that’s okay, we all go a little mad sometimes. If you liked what you saw be sure to check out our other playlists, and don’t forget to like and share.

Thanks, and Happy Halloween from everyone at HorrorRated.com!

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