Have You Lost That Scarin’ Feeling?

By Pat Joyce |


You never close your eyes at the scary parts anymore, there’s no white knuckles on your fingers. You’re trying hard to get into it, but you’re as dead as a zombie after they’re bit. Righteous Brothers parodies aside, if you’re anything like us at Horrorrated, you’ve been around the block a few times. That’s why it’s important every Halloween to keep things real and fresh. Here’s a few movies that center on the theme of greedy gore-seekers like us who get more than they bargained for. (Or maybe exactly what we wanted?)

The Houses October Built (2014)

Halloween has a certain feel to it, an electricity in the air. If you’re watching horror movies, then you’re trying to harness that energy. The Houses October Built starts you off with wonderfully relatable characters who are hell-bent on finding the scariest haunt they can as Halloween looms closer. This flick is guaranteed to make all those masks out on the streets look a lot creepier.

Hellhouse LLC (2016)

Hellhouse LLC turns the tables and pays tribute to those who engineer the scares. I’ve already spent too much of my hard-earned money on latex figures and cheap scares for young trick or treaters. This movie makes all those who enjoy giving a good scare on Halloween wonder just what their comeuppance entails.

Trick R Treat (2007)

A night of scares and jumps needs a proper nightcap. Trick R Treat is the smooth cigarette after the dirty deed. I probably don’t have to describe its plot or attributes, but in case this is your first Halloween, it’s a fantastic anthology of several tales that all take place in a small town on a Halloween night, reinforcing the oh so important traditions of our favorite holiday.

Thanks for reading, kiddies. Make sure to check out the other themed playlists here at Horrorrated.com. Keep scaring and keep sharing. Have a wicked Halloween!

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