Attack of the Killer Heads

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We here at HorrorRated have always been saddened by the fact that when it comes to credible killers the head is vastly underrepresented in the medium. We feel that of all the creepy things that could stalk you in the night a head is far more disturbing and surreal than any plain old slasher or another BORING vampire. Sure it helps to have an attached, able body to do some of the heavy lifting but ultimately what these crazed craniums lack in size they more than make up for in other vile ways. So, this Halloween season, cozy up to the fire and spend some scary time with these fun-sized, fearsome B-Movie fiends!

Head of the Family (1996)

Myron, the eponymous killer head of the Stackpool family (both figuratively and literally), is forced into a cat and mouse game with a local restaurant owner when the latter discovers Myron’s penchant for using the members of his strange brood to lure unsuspecting townsfolk back to his lair in order perform experiments on them, and uses the information to blackmail Myron into disposing of a dangerous romantic rival. One of Charles Band’s cheesiest, weirdest and sleaziest movies, Head of the Family will certainly set the mood for the rest of this zany playlist.

Basket Case (1982)

Duane and his siamese twin brother Belial love each other very much. So much, in fact, they’ve decided to travel to New York City in order to find the doctors responsible for forcefully separating them and wreak bloody revenge on them all. What follows is one of the most magnificently insane, low-budget pieces of genius ever produced in the 80’s.

This debut film from schlock master Frank Henenlotter might make you roll your eyes a few times but it’s charms are undeniable and it’s magnetic insanity will keep you glued to the screen. By the end your mind should be good and primed for the coup de grace…

Re-Animator (1985)

Legendary horror director Stuart Gordon hit the ground running with his first feature film, this legendary adaptation of one of H.P. Lovecraft’s more schlocky works, Re-Animator. Since the titular re-animator, Dr. Herbert West, is more of an anti-hero, the true villain of this piece is the vaguely telepathic and completely sinister Dr. Carl Hill who has his head (and body, I know we cheated a little) reanimated after attempting to blackmail Dr. West out of his miraculous reagent.

If your brains haven’t been completely scrambled by the time you’re halfway through this flick you’re sure to lose your grip completely when you get to the oral sex scene. A marvelous way to end this surreal trip down the killer head rabbit hole.

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