Halloween Horror Movie Playlists

As the nights draw in, it is time for us horror fans to start drawing up our ultimate horror movie playlists for the big day itself, Halloween. There are few more important rituals on Hallow's Eve than having the perfect selection of horror flicks cued up for our viewing pleasure and perhaps this year you are in need of some new tricks to give you a terrifying treat.

We have put together 20 Halloween Movie Playlists to help inspire your horror film selection, both leading up to and for October 31st. Our select team of contributors have packaged three horror movies into a variety of themes to invoke the optimum amount of terror and dread this Halloween. From classic movies in genres such as Found Footage and Killer Clowns to more practical suggestions like the best movies to clear out stragglers at your Halloween party and the best scares lurking in the depths of Netflix, our bespoke playlists will ensure a happy Halloween for all.

Each movie selected is scored by our unique rating system, so you will know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. Look down below, if you dare, and let us know which playlists you will be watching this Halloween.

Halloween Horror Movie Playlists

VampireFest (without Vampires)

Anthony J. Gramuglia

There are too many vampire movies. Sure, vampires are a staple of horror. But after a few hundred vampire movies, the genre gets a little stale. So a few creative minds reinterpreted the myth – scrapping everything stale about the undead (save for the blood sucking part). Thirsty for new blood in the vampire genre? Then take a visit to VampireFest (Without Vampires).

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The Thin Blood Line


Dying for a ride along into the depths of terror? Then buckle up! We have a trilogy featuring the perils of being a sheepdog among the living and the dead. Our Thin Blood Line playlist will heighten your fears and shackle your soul as these heroes in uniform endure the most horrific enemies ever encountered.

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Hell Hath No Fury…

Tamera Snow

Here at HorrorRated we appreciate and value our women, especially the unhinged and unsettling. It’s ladies night, and out of respect to those badass women, we’ve compiled a Hell Hath No Fury playlist that will have you rolling over in reverence to these she-demons. These aren’t your average final girls.

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Halloween Hype Train

Salty Sara

We’re about to take you on a ride you won’t soon forget to get you hyped for the coming holiday – that’s right folks, we have less than 60 days to prepare for the best day of the whole year. So, why don’t you board our Halloween Hype Train? All you have to do is sit down, shut up, and get ready for the ride of your life.

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Ghoulden Ghouls Halloween


While perhaps more prone to their heart-stopping by a scare, old ladies seem to have no problem doing the scaring. These creepy ladies are less likely to bake you cookies, but we can promise you that they’ll bake you a nice batch of nightmares. Get ready, because this playlist won’t wrap you in warm quilts of love- it’ll toss you down and make you wish you had Life Alert.

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A Journey into Meta-Horror

Peyton Brock

It’s Halloween, and much like you, horror directors love scary movies too! Some even love them so much that they’ve made horror movies that offer commentary on the genre itself. So, if you enjoy the deconstruction of tropes, subversions of the genre, and clever references to great horror of the past, but with all of the spine tingling frights and thrills you crave on halloween night, then look no further than these meta-horror films!

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Have You Lost That Scarin’ Feeling?

Pat Joyce

You never close your eyes at the scary parts anymore, there’s no white knuckles on your fingers. You’re trying hard to get into it, but you’re as dead as a zombie after they’re bit. Righteous Brothers parodies aside, if you’re anything like us at Horrorrated, you’ve been around the block a few times. That’s why it’s important every Halloween to keep things real and fresh.

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The Day of Masks

Levin Garbisch

In this modern era, it’s easy to forget the true nature of Halloween. But don’t worry, because this playlist is here to reacquaint you with the original spirit of the holiday. We all wear masks on that night, but it is for you to decide whether that mask is who you wish you could be, or whether that mask is your true self…

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Hysterical Halloween


Has Halloween got you in the mood for terror? Insanity? HorrorRated’s Hysterical Halloween playlist will bend your mind until sanity is but a fleeting memory. Let lunacy fall over you as you laugh, cry, and question your sanity with the characters of these manic masterpieces.

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Screams of a Season

Kai Shia

As Halloween draws near, we bring you a playlist of movies to carry you through the season. From the Build-Up, through the Big Night, then into the Aftermath. Lay out the candy, and turn on the porch lights. We’re taking you through Halloween, and beyond.

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More Boo For Your Buck!

Jordan K.

Continuing on with your HorrorRated.com-approved spooky playlist, let’s jump into some anthologies! More stories to scare you, fewer movies to purchase (have to keep you budding high school and college horror enthusiasts in mind)! Each movie on this list should appeal to everyone, while also giving niche enthusiasts something to be excited about.

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Circus of Horrors

Joe Marblez

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to a night of horror, thrills, and kills! We present to you tonight a three ring circus that will shock and amuse! Come one, come all, and witness a hair raising show of horrors that you won’t soon forget.

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How to End a Party in Just 3 Movies

Jeff Burk

We’ve all been there – the party is raging but the hour grows late and your guests just won’t leave. How do you get everyone out of your house without rudely kicking them out? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Just put on these three flicks and we guarantee your home will be empty by the end.

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Deadly Desserts!

Erin Grant

A huge part of Halloween is hoarding candy. You can say that it’s for the trick or treaters but we all know it’s for you. Don’t worry we all do it, so here are some horror films to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Attack of the Killer Heads


We here at HorrorRated have always been saddened by the fact that when it comes to credible killers the head is vastly underrepresented in the medium. We feel that of all the creepy things that could stalk you in the night a head is far more disturbing and surreal than any plain old slasher or another BORING vampire.

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31 Ottobre: Halloween Italian Style

Emilie Pagano

Italians do a lot of things right. Cooking, for instance. Less famous than Italian cooking, however, is the uncanny, over-the-top gory, and often hilarious Italian horror tradition. Here, then, is a recipe for a delicious Hallowevening!

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Doors to Madness

David J.

The Trick-or-Treaters have gone home to gorge themselves on candy before their hundredth viewing of Hocus Pocus sends them to a delightful slumber. Your Halloween routine has been faithfully observed, but the mad cravings of that perverse old imp inside you have gone too long unsated. This Halloween night you need better than bogeymen and more than gore—you must seek unexplored vistas of terror.

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Netflix and Kill

Andrew Bailey

Three movies available for streaming on Netflix to get you through your Halloween. Perfect for snuggling up with that special someone or entertaining a large group, these titles are sure to please.

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Found Footage Gone Worldwide

Adam Jukl

Fancy yourself a globetrotter this Halloween, but perhaps tonight you’re not up to face any potential dangers that loom beyond the safety of your home? Well fear not: we’ve compiled a culturally enriching and deeply terrifying playlist with three distinct docu-horrors from three distinct countries.

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Pick ‘N’ Mix Modern Playlist

Alex Graves

If you’re in need for something for everyone this Halloween, we’ve got a few suggestions. Our Pick ‘n’ Mix Modern Playlist is sure to appease all horror fans – from the lovers of artsy suspense, to those of us who just want to see how much blood the average victim once held.

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