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Trauma horror movies are the ones that you pray to get through and live to tell the tale. These are the movies that cause the kind of mental scarring that will have your therapist referring you to a specialist such is psychological damage inflicted by them. Only the brave, the hardy, and the masochistic will find their viewing pleasures in this category.

Expect to see disturbing horror movies such as Takashi Miike’s sadistic Audition and the depraved A Serbian Film scoring high in these ratings. But traumatic horror movies aren’t just those that lurk at the extremes of the genre, with the likes of the acclaimed Jacob’s Ladder and The Exorcist also being defined by their unerring trait to stay with you long after their credits have rolled.
Whichever horror movies have left you with mental images that refuse to be forgotten no matter how much you beg them to be gone, this is the rating section for such assaults on your psyche.
But if you are the sort of sick puppy who thinks The Human Centipede was laugh-a-minute or Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left was a walk in the park then make your views known for the horror movies that left you unscathed by rating them low on this particular scale.

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