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This is the place for adrenaline junkies who love having their couch transformed into an ejector-seat when watching scary horror movies. Those who seek that unbearable tension broken by a sudden stinger will find their racing heart’s desire here. So, if your cardio is up to the challenge, these are the jump scare horror movies to get you screaming at the screen.

Whether it be the demon suddenly lurking behind Patrick Wilson in James Wan’s Insidious or Jason Voorhees’s shock introduction at the climax of Friday the 13th, this is where you can rate the horror movies that make your heart skip several beats. From the whiplash inducing onslaught of jump scares in The Grudge to the unforgettable moment when Leatherface appears in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, our unique rating system for horror movies will prioritise these and their like here.
However, if your behind remained firmly seated throughout The Babadook or you just rolled your eyes when Nancy’s mother was pulled through the door in A Nightmare on Elm Street then get clicking the lower ratings to show off your nerves of steel. This category is exclusively for the horror movies which will have you covering your eyes in the vain hope of avoiding that inevitable moment of primal terror.

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