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These are the fear-inducing horror movies that will have you leaving the lights on after you have checked under the bed. A sense of creeping dread, an air of unease, or the unshakeable feeling that you are being watched will be evoked by the most chilling and disconcerting offerings from the horror genre.

Are you looking for something to freeze you in fear like Sadako emerging from the TV screen in the J-horror Ringu did or the abject terror of REC’s final night vision scene? Our unique rating system will help you find the movies that will stop you sleeping at night and have you checking over your shoulder on darkened streets.
Does the memory of the shapeshifting succubus from It Follows have you doing a double take in a crowded room? Then feel free to give it a maximum Fear rating and make your opinion count.
Likewise, if a door moving by itself failed to enlicit a response in Paranormal Activity or you thought the kids in The Blair Witch Project got themselves all worked up over nothing then rate them accordingly in this category.
Whichever movies never fail to give you the fear or you are looking for others that will, you will find those fear inducing horror movies and more here.

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