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It’s the most wonderful time of year for all horror fans to whom Hallow’s Eve is very much Christmas come early. One of the most important preparations for October 31st is stitching together the most fiendish film playlists for our viewing (dis)pleasure. Any true horror fan has likely been sorting through swathes of their preferred titles to inspire the optimum amount of terror since November 1st last year and will now be at the stage of fine adjustment, such as running order and hunting down any legendary uncut versions of their preferred horror flicks.

Looking for something new?

While tradition can be a potent factor in your horror movies of choice, there is a chance that your Halloween faves have been replayed to death so much over the years that rigor-mortis is starting to set in. As we all know, shock value has a very short half-life, so perhaps it’s time to try some fresh horror movies ideas this year instead of necromancing your old weathered favourites. Never fear (or maybe just a little, since that’s kind of the point at this time of year) because here at HorrorRated.com we have compiled 20 bespoke Halloween Playlists composed by a select team of horror movie buffs.

Vampires, Found Footage & Killer Klowns

Halloween Horror Movies
Halloween Horror Movie Playlists

Even with our five unique ratings for each and every horror film in our bottomless vault, we have gone one step further this year by asking our contributors to come up with a theme and tying three different horror movies into it. From vampires to found footage and 80’s video nasties to killer clowns, these distinct playlists cater to all tastes within the horror genre. Pick your favourite for Halloween itself and use some others that have you wide-eyed in anticipation/terror to help get you in the mood for the big day itself.

Or, maybe you think you can do better yourself. HorrorRated.com is ideally suited to matching any horror movie to your own particular and deplorable tastes with each title rated by our users in five different categories. Whatever you choose for your Halloween viewing selection, we wish you a happy one come October 31st and let us know below how you will be spending yours.

Why not check out our Halloween horror movie playlists and let us know what you’re going to be watching over Halloween?

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