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Gerald’s Game (2017) – Defined by Constraints

David J.

One of the most common complaints levied against horror films is that their characters tend to make bad decisions. Watching the action unfold, waiting for the orchestral blast of a jump scare, whether in the theater or in your own living room.

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Hell House LLC: Director's Cut Review

Basie Settle

“I hate jump scares, and I find them being used more and more in traditionally-shot studio horror,” says Stephen Cognetti, writer and director of the found footage indie hit Hell House LLC. This wonderfully refreshing attitude definitely shows in his latest release, the Director’s Cut of his debut feature-length film. Hell House LLC may well be the only found footage movie in recent years—or possibly ever—to not have any jump scares.

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It (2017) Review

Basie Settle

Stephen King novels have a long and storied history of being adapted into less-than-stellar miniseries and overly long movies, and it appears that this new two-part reboot of Stephen King’s It is set to carry on that tradition.

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Alien: Covenant (2017) Review

Catherine Farrell

Throughout its two-hour run time Alien Covenant attempts to answer questions about human responsibility, the origin of life and artificial intelligence (to name a few). But if you’re seeking it out in the hopes for closure following the events of Prometheus, you will surely be disappointed. Not to say that the lingering questions left from the previous film go unaddressed, but this film only adds more mythology and confusion to an aging franchise, with now six films and counting.

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The Dark Tapes (2017) Review

Basie Settle

Maybe the most ambitious of the noteworthy indie horrors for 2016-2017, The Dark Tapes definitely deserves its underground cred. The uniquely structured four-part Southbound-style plot weaves together four tangentially related stories that together offer a deconstruction and exploration of the supernatural.

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