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Hell House LLC: Director's Cut Review

Basie Settle

“I hate jump scares, and I find them being used more and more in traditionally-shot studio horror,” says Stephen Cognetti, writer and director of the found footage indie hit Hell House LLC. This wonderfully refreshing attitude definitely shows in his latest release, the Director’s Cut of his debut feature-length film. Hell House LLC may well be the only found footage movie in recent years—or possibly ever—to not have any jump scares.

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It (2017) Review

Basie Settle

Stephen King novels have a long and storied history of being adapted into less-than-stellar miniseries and overly long movies, and it appears that this new two-part reboot of Stephen King’s It is set to carry on that tradition.

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The New It Trailer Is Definitely From 2017

Basie Settle

Alright, show of hands—I’m serious, raise your hand—how many people reading this were born in the 70s? Were you hyped for the original It like so many people are for the new one? Because people are freaking the fuck out over this new trailer.

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