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Learn about horror sub-genres, the directors and actors who made them a reality and the new generation of horror film-makers who now carry the flame. Discover unheard of gems and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Only one thing left to do, get stuck in.

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Gerald’s Game (2017) – Defined by Constraints

David J.

One of the most common complaints levied against horror films is that their characters tend to make bad decisions. Watching the action unfold, waiting for the orchestral blast of a jump scare, whether in the theater or in your own living room.

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Hell House LLC: Director's Cut Review

Basie Settle

“I hate jump scares, and I find them being used more and more in traditionally-shot studio horror,” says Stephen Cognetti, writer and director of the found footage indie hit Hell House LLC. This wonderfully refreshing attitude definitely shows in his latest release, the Director’s Cut of his debut feature-length film. Hell House LLC may well be the only found footage movie in recent years—or possibly ever—to not have any jump scares.

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Horror Movies for Halloween


It’s the most wonderful time of year for all horror fans to whom Hallow’s Eve is very much Christmas come early. One of the most important preparations for October 31st is stitching together the most fiendish film playlists for our viewing (dis)pleasure.

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VampireFest (without Vampires)

Anthony J. Gramuglia

There are too many vampire movies. Sure, vampires are a staple of horror. But after a few hundred vampire movies, the genre gets a little stale. So a few creative minds reinterpreted the myth – scrapping everything stale about the undead (save for the blood sucking part). Thirsty for new blood in the vampire genre? Then take a visit to VampireFest (Without Vampires).

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The Thin Blood Line


Dying for a ride along into the depths of terror? Then buckle up! We have a trilogy featuring the perils of being a sheepdog among the living and the dead. Our Thin Blood Line playlist will heighten your fears and shackle your soul as these heroes in uniform endure the most horrific enemies ever encountered.

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Hell Hath No Fury…

Tamera Snow

Here at HorrorRated we appreciate and value our women, especially the unhinged and unsettling. It’s ladies night, and out of respect to those badass women, we’ve compiled a Hell Hath No Fury playlist that will have you rolling over in reverence to these she-demons. These aren’t your average final girls.

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Halloween Hype Train

Salty Sara

We’re about to take you on a ride you won’t soon forget to get you hyped for the coming holiday – that’s right folks, we have less than 60 days to prepare for the best day of the whole year. So, why don’t you board our Halloween Hype Train? All you have to do is sit down, shut up, and get ready for the ride of your life.

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Ghoulden Ghouls Halloween


While perhaps more prone to their heart-stopping by a scare, old ladies seem to have no problem doing the scaring. These creepy ladies are less likely to bake you cookies, but we can promise you that they’ll bake you a nice batch of nightmares. Get ready, because this playlist won’t wrap you in warm quilts of love- it’ll toss you down and make you wish you had Life Alert.

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A Journey into Meta-Horror

Peyton Brock

It’s Halloween, and much like you, horror directors love scary movies too! Some even love them so much that they’ve made horror movies that offer commentary on the genre itself. So, if you enjoy the deconstruction of tropes, subversions of the genre, and clever references to great horror of the past, but with all of the spine tingling frights and thrills you crave on halloween night, then look no further than these meta-horror films!

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Have You Lost That Scarin’ Feeling?

Pat Joyce

You never close your eyes at the scary parts anymore, there’s no white knuckles on your fingers. You’re trying hard to get into it, but you’re as dead as a zombie after they’re bit. Righteous Brothers parodies aside, if you’re anything like us at Horrorrated, you’ve been around the block a few times. That’s why it’s important every Halloween to keep things real and fresh.

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